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Saving Money by Using Coupons @ Bulk barn food retailer

Bulk barn food retailer

Bulk barn is the biggest Canadian food retailer with over 200 stores across the country and over 4000 high quality food products. Bulk barn is so popular because of a wide range of products with popular prices and also because of their good marketing and politics of giving out coupons to their customers.

Bulk barn

On the store’s website you can find Bulk Barn coupon which can be printed, brought to the store and used. If you bring a coupon you will get a 3 dollar discount on every bill that is over 10 dollars.

Imagine how much money you can save if you use this opportunity every time you shop there.

Bulk barn food retailer
Tips for using coupons:

– regularly follow web sites of various stores where you can find such coupons, so you can always get your coupons on time and save some money

– you can find your coupons on flyers in stores or in your mail box

– every member of your family can get their own coupon, so you can save even more money

– beware when your coupon expires so you don’t miss out on using it

– if you shop more times in smaller amounts, that way you can use more coupons and save more money

– find out when there are promotional sales and buy things which you usually buy when there is some price deduction

– always go to the store with a coupon, keep it in your wallet so you don’t forget it when you go shopping


Discounts are fantastic, and if you regularly follow Bulk barn flyers you will see that they always have some products which retail with discounts of 10, 20, 25, 30 percent or even more. If you buy some of these products on discount with your coupons you will really save a lot of money and every time you go shopping you will feel a lot of pleasure knowing how much you saved.

Final advice

If you think you do not have enough time to follow information about discounts and collect coupons and that only people with no job do this, you are wrong. Printing a coupon before you go to the store and taking a look at a flyer with discounts really doesn’t require much time. I suggest you buy something you love with the money you saved by using coupons, so next time before you head to the store you will have the motivation to look for a coupon.

So, go ahead and look for Bulk barn coupons!


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